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Electrical Manufacturer Representatives
BR Lighting & Controls
Clarus Lighting & Controls
Cody Associates
Concept Sales
Electra Products Agency
Field Electrical Sales
Foundation Electrical & Lighting Sales
Gasser Bush
GM Sales
Gobeille Robinson & Associates
Hawkins Sales
Jack Duffy & Associates
King Lighting Inc
Kirker Kubala Inc
Leesman Lighting
Lester Sales Company LLC
Lighting Dynamics Inc
Lighting Systems of Columbus
Michigan Lighting Systems
Midwestern Electrical Sales
Principal Sales Inc
PRM Associates
Repco II
Riffle & Associates
Spectrum Lighting
VGL Resources Group Inc
Suppliers in Ohio
Contractors in Ohio
Engineers in Ohio
Trade Price Book
The trade pricing service for cost minded contractors. This pricing guide has over 26,000 material prices and is updated three (3) times per year. Additionally, this pricing guide is tabbed for easy use.

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