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for Commercial and Industrial Applications
Panel 2023 is a full function design package that will simplify the time consuming task of preparing panel schedules, load calculations, and circuit directories.  More Information



for Commercial and Industrial Applications

1-Line 2023 is a full function design package that will simplify the time consuming task of preparing 1-line drawings, panel schedules, and load calculations. Simply input the loads for your sub panels and the program will create a 1-line drawing.

With this program you may have up 24 panels fed from the main switchboard. Each panel may have a sub panel or transformer & sub panel.

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Labor Units Manual 

Take the guess work out of estimating. Just a touch of the fingertip accesses labor units for over twenty thousand items. These labor units are realistic and competitive and will prove to be of great value to any organization..

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 2023 Electrical Design/Build Guide

Project planning and design has never been easier or faster. Complicated and time consuming NEC references and calculations are listed in an easy to read format.  If you perform electrical design work this guide will pay for it self the very first time you use it.

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